State of the Union

June 16, 2023

As the great Britney Jean Spears once said, “It's been a while. I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting, but I'm here now.” A lot has happened since we fell off the face of the earth and relegated Primo to a YouTube channel to host other peoples’ parts, but this article isn’t really about us in particular so I’ll just run through a few things quickly.

Firstly, let us take a moment of silence for our fallen soldier Goldnoose. He didn’t die, he just left so he could work slave hours at Walmart and play with Legos all day. This is really what caused us to fall off so hard, as he handled most of our weekly tasks like updating Spot of the Week and making videos for Instagram. The world opening back up also didn’t help. Primo was really a product of the pandemic and our output was heavily reliant on the fact that we could sit inside on our computers all day and not face any repercussions for it. Secondly, I want to address why this site even exists. A few weeks ago someone pointed out to me that the two issues of the mag that we had been hosting on the site Issuu were no longer available. Upon investigation, the company has changed its policies and it would now cost me $20 a month to host what had previously been posted for free. That was enough of a catalyst for me to start the site, but obviously there is more to it than just having a place to read the mag. If it wasn’t obvious from the layout, the site will be very similar to Quartersnacks - a place to put out more casual content than what would be printed in one of our full issues. This of course means content at a much faster pace than compiling enough stuff to fill a 200 page magazine, and it also means more room for us to experiment. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the game in general.

Session is definitely not in the same state it was a year ago, and neither is the community. As we approach one year since the release of 1.0, it is impossible to ignore the countless things that weren’t delivered on as well as the questionable direction the game has taken since its release. After being spoiled by Crea-ture’s insane output during early access, the extreme lack of substantial content that has come since September 2022 has been hard to see. The once packed updates have been reduced to primarily filler content, and the replicas of reals spots have been traded for fantasy maps that in many ways highlight the game’s biggest flaws. However, the recent hires do provide some hope for the future of Session and will hopefully mark the end of the revolving door of staff that began with MAH’s departure [Editor's note: Crea-ture has recently shared footage of gameplay tweaks and promised QOL improvements coming in the next update. This article was written prior to the release of this information]. On the community side, it’s clear that most people are understandably burnt out. It’s hard to want to put effort into a game when it feels like the developers aren’t going to push it any further, and with new games on the horizon and no more restrictions on the outside world, people have found better things to do. I do have to acknowledge the Session Community Center, as it has been one of the few things that’s given me any hope for the community recently. Not only do they care about the game, but they also understand skating, which is surprisingly rare in this community. The coming months will be very telling for the future of Session, and a few more bad decisions could potentially put it past the point of being salvageable, but we can only hope that Crea-ture is able to find their footing again and remind us why we’ve spent four plus years with this game.

Words by JoshLav