Favorite Spot with SessionAscension

August 21, 2023

Wallie BS 5050

Pretty much everyone who skates knows black hubba. It’s a classic spot that we’ve been seeing constantly since the 2000s (not that I’m complaining), and when it was introduced in Session to 2021 it immediately became a hit. While most people choose to skate the hubbas themselves, Ascension has taken a liking to the plaque sitting underneath the statue, and his outside-of-the-box wallie to grinds have become a staple in his footage. Here’s the spot in his own words.

What's the first trick you got on the spot?

Accidental wallie to noseslide. I think my first thought when I considered the spot was a wallie to nose manual on the curb that goes around the fountain, but once I did the noseslide, I switched gears to trying grinds.

Favorite trick you’ve gotten?

I did a satisfying and realistic looking wallie to back lip, but the game crashed right after so I couldn’t save the clip. I’ve done a few since, but none that looked quite as good as the one that got away.

What do you like about the spot?

Like many spots I (fake)skate, I enjoy something that isn’t an obvious spot. I also enjoy experimenting with spots where you need to push the game’s mechanics until you find inputs and approaches that let you achieve whatever vision you have. The spot is definitely easier now that riding on transition works a bit better and small collisions no longer immediately make you bail.

Are there clips or people that inspired you to hit the spot?

I don’t think I’ve seen IRL clips of someone skating the spot, but my inspiration overall comes from the absolute shit load of skate videos that I’ve obsessively watched in my thirty years. I grew up adoring the videos that Habitat, Real, Krooked, and Alien Workshop put out because they felt like more than just a showcase of good skateboarding. While I definitely appreciate just straight-up good skating that you’ll see in something like a Primitive video, I tend to pull more inspiration from videos that involve creativity in skateboarding itself along with how the video is edited.

Any tricks you’ve been trying or that you want to do?

I’d like to get a wallie to backside noseblunt that’s not like the disgusting and unrealistic one I included in an edit a few weeks ago [laughs]. That one somehow wallied the entire plaque rather than just going off the corner, so I’d definitely like to clean that up. I also think going in the opposite direction and doing a 50-50 on the curb then popping out and landing into the plaque would be sweet.

Any other people you’ve seen hit the spot that you liked?

My memory of what people have done is awful, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Stitched has gotten something juicy on it. I’d love to see what others have for it though.

Words by Ascension & JoshLav